Never too Late to Learn: Virtual Educational Resources

 If you’ve ever felt like you lack the financial literacy skills you need to participate in the modern economy, you’re not alone. Luckily, we can help.

Master Your Card (MYC) is providing a series of learning modules on the basics of some key financial concepts. This includes how to better control your finances and avoid some of the most common financial dangers.

MYC’s virtual learning resources offers 10 online courses on a wide array of topics, separated into two distinct playlists:

  1. Financial Foundations
  1. Building Financial Capability

Financial Foundations

Financial Foundations are essential learning skills. These courses dive into the basics of key financial concepts. These learning modules touch on the power of creating a budget, the importance of savings, the usefulness of checking/savings accounts, and how to use credit cards responsibly. Check out these impactful courses here.

Building Financial Capability

Our Building Financial Capability modules dive into the importance of our financial health and how to properly maintain it. These courses focus on how best to have financial conversations with family or friends, how to protect your identity and personal information, the benefits of mobile/online banking and how prepaid cards can be a mechanism for saving. Keep moving down the path to mastering your money and your financial future here.

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