World of Money – Developing Financially Responsible Adults, One Child at a Time


World of Money, a long time Master Your Card partner, empowers young people by providing them with a strong financial education. Through their remarkable curriculum, the organization equips children and young people with five key tenets to achieve a financially responsible and philanthropic life: Learn, Earn, Save, Invest and Donate.

The program encourages long-term financial goal-setting and frames their curriculum in terms children and young adults can easily understand. For example, age-specific programs are built off the concept of being a business “Mogul,” with courses starting for Young Moguls (Ages 7-9) to Super Moguls (Ages 18-21). Each lesson unpacks a child’s money mindset and teaches important financial concepts.

Upon completion of the first lesson, students are automatically emailed the next level of education each day. As the program progresses, so too does the students’ awareness towards a greater purpose and the role money can play as their lives continue. Ultimately, by providing unique educational resources, the World of Money program provides students with the necessary skills to ensure they have the financial foundation needed to successfully enter and thrive throughout adulthood.

Check out this video to learn more about the courses.

Parents, teachers and mentors, empower your children with this amazing program, courtesy of Master Your Card!


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